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Oscar 2012

It’s the annual tradition that’s not so annual: The Wayward Cynic’s Running Diary of the Academy Awards! I’ll get right to the action as we join our telecast on the red carpet. 8:22pm: Sacha Baron Cohen shows up as the dictator from his new, similarly-named movie and spreads Kim Jong Il’s ashes on the carpet […]

Oscar 2010

Alas, my semi-annual tradition of blogging the Oscars was foiled by more important matters last evening, so I’ve invited a guest writer to recap the festivities. Please welcome The Wayward Cynic’s newest columnist, Snakes McGee! oh, and my recap from last night is: for some reason doogie howser is on stage singing. he is doing […]

Oscar 2009

Another entry in my Official Running Diary Blog Post Blatantly Stolen From Bill Simmons™: Oscar Night 2009! Huzzah! Let’s get right to it. 8:00pm: The pre-show starts, covering the red carpet. Hosted by Robin Roberts and Tim Gunn, who starts off by yammering about fashion or something, and then makes a joke about topless strippers […]

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