This entry to my site features some video from past trips as well as some of the homemade movies and documentaries made in school over the past decade. Most of the files are on the large side, so a high speed broadband connection is recommended. Right-click and “save target as…” If you’ve got any digital video you want me to put up, drop me a line.

Note: I’m slowly converting all of these over to YouTube to aid in your viewing ease.

winter classic 1.1.08
Team Introductions
Pregame Skate
God Bless America
God Bless America/Flyover
Outdoor Hockey!

bills vs. giants 12.23.07

bills vs. broncos 9.9.07
Introducing the Bills’ special teams

california 2007
Fog rolls into Alcatraz
Pier 39 seals #1
Pier 39 seals #2
Line for the over-hyped cable car
Wild man parties at the farmer’s market

june 2007 wedding extravaganza
Ross reports from the heart of the storm
Ross explains the finer points of home refrigeration technology

buffalo sabres 06-07 uniform unveiling
Practice Drills
The team takes the ice
Skating Around the Ice
Drop the puck!

sullivan’s island, sc 8.12-19.06
The Magic Stove
Dolphin Sighting (look close, dead center)
Surf’s Up
The Good-bye Tour
The rest of the video from this trip will not be posted here, as it could be used as evidence against all of us in future legal action. The charges in said legal action would most likely involve stuffed animal abuse and excessive amounts of nudity.

pearl jam – camden 5.27.06 & 5.28.06
Do The Evolution
Severed Hand (avi 6 MB)
Present Tense (avi 1 MB)
Why Go (avi 2 MB)
Come Back (avi 1 MB)
Elderly Woman (avi 2 MB)
Even Flow Night 1 (avi 3 MB)
Even Flow Night 2
RVM (avi 4 MB)
Alive (avi 6 MB)

pearl jam – cleveland 5.20.06
Severed Hand (avi 1.5 MB)
Do The Evolution (avi 3.2 MB)
Inside Job
Why Go
Ed Does The Moonwalk (avi 24 MB)

pearl jam – toronto 5.9.06 & 5.10.06
Even Flow Night 1 (avi 2.9 MB)
Even Flow Night 2 (avi 5.1 MB)
Black (avi 3.8 MB)
Severed Hand (avi 8 MB)
Inside Job (avi 0.65 MB)
Elderly Woman (avi 1.3 MB)
You Are

Bell-ringing Dweeb (wmv 1.0 MB)
Walker Texas Ranger (Google video)
Lazy Sunday (from SNL) (
Skateboarding Bulldog (Google video)
Sony Bravia TV Commercial: “Bouncy Balls” (mov)
The Wave – Bills vs. Packers (avi 12.1 MB)
Right Guard Squirrel (avi 1.6 MB)
Buddy #2
October Storm 2006

pearl jam – toronto 9.19.05
Black vs. Grey: Armageddon (avi 1.3 MB)
The band takes the stage (avi 0.72 MB)
Given To Fly (avi 2.7 MB)
Go (avi 2.5 MB)
Rearviewmirror 1 (avi 5.7 MB)
Rearviewmirror 2 (avi 5.5 MB)
Helloooo! (avi 2.4 MB)
Wishlist (avi 2.6 MB)

bills vs. packers – 8.20.05
The Wave

tom petty – 6.2.05
Drunken Free Fallin’
Crappy Darien Lake Fireworks (avi 1.1 MB)
Lighters + Drunken Chanting (avi 0.9 MB)

jamie’s wedding
Leaving the church (avi 5.2 MB)
There’s more, but that’s about all which can be provided on this site without generating awkward conversations later…

revenge of the sith opening night
Crazed Dork (avi 0.26 MB)
Star Wars (avi 40.5 MB)
The saga comes to a close… (avi 2.5 MB)

las vegas
In the Room (avi 4.1 MB)
Ross Christ Superstar (avi 1.2 MB)
Bellagio Fountain (avi 2.5 MB)

east aurora
Aaron Shoemaker (wmv 28.6 MB)
Aaron Memorial Poster (jpeg 1.2 MB)

tau delta kappa
Grand Theft Auto 1 (avi 3.3 MB)
Grand Theft Auto 2 (avi 5.0 MB)
Clopstein has a seizure (avi 4.4 MB)
The Almighty Potato Gun
I think Hammer needs to see a doctor (avi 1.0 MB)
The Jebesta Dance

more coming soon…
Patriots Falling
Parents Manual
Bad Monkey 2
Lost Footage from Bad Monkey
Bad Monkey B-roll
East Aurora Hijinx

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