Here you’ll find a lot of stuff from previous versions of the site, as well as links to old site logs. There will be periodic updates to this section, as you’ll find my trip reports and a few other new things show up.

clarkson site logs
There are far too many posts on the old Clarkson site that would lose all comic credibility if I reformatted them to the current site style, so I present them unabridged here for your reading pleasure.

Clarkson Site Log Archives

discourse on human evolution
These entries come from waaay back in the day; in fact, the very first iterations of the site. They’re basically just insane rantings that formed the basis of my current slate of insane rantings.

10.31.00 | 11.15.00 | 12.08.00 | 01.19.01 | 02.16.01 | 03.21.01 | 04.16.01

06.14.01 | 07.12.01 | 07.24.01 | 08.20.01 | 09.17.01 | 04.17.02

site history

version 1.0 (1998)
Every saga has a beginning. This is the original format for the site, created in the hallowed halls of the freshman dorms at Clarkson University. The basic design here served the next three iterations of the site, varying only in the style it exuded.
version 2.0 (1999)
This is perhaps the most whimsical of the Fischer.Net designs, featuring a jarring color scheme and good-natured ribbing at the expense of the Scottish. Unfortunately, this version did not last long, as common sense won out over said whimsy.
version 3.0 (1999-2000)
The last iteration of the early era of Fischer.Net, version 3.0 lasted quite a while and featured a new logo! Many of the early Discourses on Human Evolution were displayed via this version of the site, and so it remains dear to my heart. You can see hints of this version in the archived discourses, on the archive page.
version 4.0 (2000-2002)
Version 4.0 featured a drastic departure for the site, incorporating frames and a navigation bar that aided in making the site much more user-friendly and navigable. This version also was the first to have an image gallery, something that has remained with the site and grown wildly.
version 4.5 (2002)
Basically the same as version 4.0, version 4.5 added an update box to the main log page, and changed up the color scheme.
version 5.0 (2002-2003)
After numerous tweaks and revisions to 4.5, version 5.0 was produced and featured a slightly better color scheme, along with all of the features browsers have come to expect.
version 6.0 (2003)
Not too many changes in version 6.0, other than some optimizing of the site’s sections and yet another change in the color scheme. Note the "FilmJunkie" link in the update box. While never fully realized, the FilmJunkie portion of the site was going to function much like the current site’s reviews section, featuring reviews of films I’d recently seen.
version 7.0 (2003-2004)
The crowning glory of the site while hosted by Clarkson’s servers, version 7.0 once again changed the color scheme and took the site on a turn toward a more professional look that has, in my eyes, culminated in the current version of the site in 2004. Check it out here before Clarkson’s IT department deletes it forever!
version 10.0 (2004)
It was good while it lasted!
version 11.0 (2005)
It’d been a long time coming, but this new site integrated as much modern web-building technology and coding as possible, and is by far the most extensive version of the site yet.
version DEE.0 (4/1/07)
A tribute to the one, the only, The Billy Dee Williams.
version 11.5 (2/2008)
A new WordPress theme will set the stage for the site to take the 20th century by storm. What’s that? It’s the 21st century? Hrm.
version 11.6 (2/2008)
Let’s see how this goes…
version 11.7 (3/2008)
…or this…
version 11.8 (10/2008)
…or maybe this…

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