7:01pm Melanie requested I log the score at the end of every quarter so as to be able to validate whether or not she’d won her office squares pool. I am only too happy to oblige and provide an added bonus mood tracker.

End of Quarter Score & Temperament Update™
Score: Giants 9, Patriots 0
Melanie’s Mood: Displeased

7:02pm “They made a fourth Transformers movie??!” was said approximately thirteen times before it was revealed there’s a Battleship movie coming soon.


7:02pm I’m sure I say this every year but, please GoDaddy, stop airing commercials. No one wants to see more of Danica Patrick pretending she is anything other than a bratty racecar-driving robot. Your commercials are about as good as your web hosting tools which, I am only too unhappy to report, I am using as we speak.

7:07pm Budweiser’s Prohibition commercial was well made and got its point across successfully. Assuming that point was, “HOORAY FOR DRUNKEN TEXTING, BAD DECISIONS AND REPEATED DUI’S!”

Celebrating the re-legalization of an intoxicant seemed a bit misplaced to me.

TWEET @Roy9ner (Buffalo Sabre): “Won team 1st quarter Super Bowl squares #yeahbaby”

TWEET @Jeff_Fischer (Noted web columnist and animated gif advocate): “@Roy9ner Another reason to DISLIKE YOU”

7:10pm The “John Carter of Mars” trailer hits the right notes, particularly since McNulty seems to play a prominent role.

7:10pm If I thought it’d get me a bigger tax refund, I would certainly pee in the pool more often. Enjoy bathing in my waste, family!

TWEET @JustinStangel: “How can we get people to use I know, let’s show a half naked boy pissing #lateshowwriters”

7:11pm Oh yeah, there’s a football game on. Some plays are run.

7:14pm I’m excited to get my mother’s take on Howard Stern joining the judging ranks of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” I expect great things.

TWEET @_DanFisher: “Please let there be one commercial for diarrhea medicine”

7:20pm Giants punter Steve Weatherford is pissed that his downfield coverage team couldn’t keep the ball out of the end zone. He may stab someone. (I mean, you saw his picture, right?)

TWEET @stephenjames716 (Noted photographer and vintage PKE meter collector): “I unlocked the I’m a cheesedick and check into tv shows sticker on @GetGlue!”

7:30pm Could Steve Weatherford end up our Super Bowl MVP? Another fantastic punt pins the Patriots deep in their own end of the field. (Lord only knows what he’d do with his MVP trophy. Again, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS PICTURE?)


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  1. As always….great read! Very entertaining. Thanks! : )

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