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Day 9 – Mini-Golf / Departure
I think most folks find themselves in a state of mini-depression at the end of a vacation, and while we were no different, it was tempered by the fact we’d done a heck of a lot of stuff in our nine days there. There was no reason to dwell on returning to the reality of home and work when we’d created so many new memories. And hey, we still had almost another full day before our 7:30pm flight!

After checking out and bidding a fond farewell to our hotel, we set out to accomplish another of our trip objectives: a visit to Chick-fil-A, hailed far and wide for its wonderful varieties of chicken. Alas, what we did not know is the franchise founder’s devout religious beliefs dictate the place be closed on Sundays! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! We battled through our dismay and instead opted for a third visit to Miller’s Ale House, a popular joint Melanie frequented when she worked here in Orlando. We ate amidst a sea of rabid football fans supporting each and every team that happened to be playing that day, even tolerating our Patriot-supporting waiter so long as he kept delivering Miller Lites to our table.

With several hours still to kill, I convinced Melanie to go back to Disney property and play some miniature golf.

It was a good way to wind down from the frenetic pace of the theme parks, although the mini-golf had its share of stressful moments.

The tiebreaker for the Ultimate Theme Park Challenge of Ultimate Mega-Magic Supreme Funtimez went to me, as I narrowly avoided defeat as Melanie heated up on the back 9. She beat me with her putter after this, however, so I’m not sure I came out ahead.

Finally at the hour of departure, we waved good-bye to Disney and headed to the airport. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this trip; it came at a perfect time for Melanie and I. I think it solidified everything good about our relationship and allowed us some much-needed time away from the daily grind of work. And while we’re back at it now, there’s always a part of our minds thinking back to Orlando and how soon we’ll be able to get back there. While Walt Disney World may truly be the happiest place on Earth, it’s nothing if you’re not there with somebody special.

Epilogue – Woe & Weather
Arriving back in town to a comparatively arctic 45 degrees, spirits were brightened the next day as I was driving down the 198 in North Buffalo and came up behind this truck adorned with a friendly reminder of the previous week.

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  1. Great trip log. I smiled and laughed (and peed my pants) at the thought of seeing Potter world! Definitely a place to return….and see all I haven’t seen before….

  2. LOVED it. I laughed and wished I was there.You guys are so cute

  3. Oh man – that trip had EVERYTHING! Super jealous of you guys!

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