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Oscar 2009

Another entry in my Official Running Diary Blog Post Blatantly Stolen From Bill Simmons™: Oscar Night 2009! Huzzah! Let’s get right to it. 8:00pm: The pre-show starts, covering the red carpet. Hosted by Robin Roberts and Tim Gunn, who starts off by yammering about fashion or something, and then makes a joke about topless strippers […]


It’s been a rough eight years for this country and the choice American citizens make today will have consequences for years to come, likely well after the administration of whoever wins is over. At least, let’s hope it does, because I’m not sure we can afford another status quo administration–Democrat or Republican–in the long term. […]

Tim Russert

Ugh. What a terrible way to start the weekend, with the news of NBC newsman and Buffalo native Tim Russert passing away today at the age of 58. Russert was proud to be from Buffalo, and took every opportunity to make sure everyone knew it. He’d declare his support for the teams at the end […]

Chalk up another one…

Yet ANOTHER accident at the Intersection of Death™ a few minutes ago, in what is undoubtedly the deadliest of cross streets in North Buffalo: Colvin Avenue and Sanders Road. I’ve lived in my current apartment since July of 2006, and since then I’ve seen or heard roughly fifteen accidents there. Yes, FIFTEEN! And those are […]

Bruce Springsteen 3.7.08 Review

venue: HSBC Arena main set: The Ties That Bind, Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day, Be True, Gypsy Biker, Magic, Reason to Believe, Night, Because the Night, She’s the One, Livin’ in the Future, The Promised Land, I’ll Work for Your Love, Working on the Highway, Devil’s Arcade, The Rising, Last to Die, Long Walk Home, Badlands […]

Oscar 2008

Due solely to my wildly successful Super Bowl running diary, I thought I’d go back to the well for one on everyone’s favorite awards show/liberal political showcase, the Academy Awards! 7:52pm I’m catching the tail end of Barbara Walters’ annual special, interviewing Harrison Ford. The highlight was a word association question from Walters, asking him […]

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