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The End

This should do it for a while. The DVD set of Lost’s final season is out today and, barring some amazing discovery within the set’s bonus features, we’ve nothing more to talk about in the context of The Wayward Cynic. Who am I kidding; I’m gonna go back and re-watch the whole series and do […]

Loose Ends

Our final batch of “answers” arrives in the form of a 12-minute short entitled, “The New Man in Charge.” You’ll find the short on the DVD box set of Lost’s sixth season, or via handy Internet leak below (don’t tell anyone). Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash […]

Happily Ever After

A perfect end to a beautiful episode. Lost is complete. I’m relatively certain many will not share my sentiments, as that wasn’t a Matrix Revolutions-style Architect explanation of an episode that’s going to answer every little facet of every question we’ve ever had on the show. There are significant questions that were not answered explicitly, […]

The End

I’m planning to finish a draft of my recap sometime this morning but will hold off publishing until I get a chance to polish it a bit. “It only ends once” so I best try and provide you all with something worth reading, yeah? In the meantime, here’s a taste: A perfect end to a […]

Lost Reading

Some of the more worthwhile articles, videos and interviews concerning Lost I’ve read over the past week. This should tide you over ’til tomorrow (literature-wise). Lost-ions – My updated list of the “Answers” we’re all looking for. Locke Around the Clock – Former Newark Star-Ledger columnist Alan Sepinwall recaps “What They Died For.” AICN Interview […]

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